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Deadline: 30 September 2021

IWAMO 2021 – 2nd International Workshop on Advanced Magnetic Oxides will be held online during 24-26 November 2021

As a joint organisation between the University of Aveiro, the Physics Department of the University of Aveiro and the Associate Laboratory i3N/FSCOSD ‐ Institute of Nanostructures, Nanomodelling and Nanofabrication (Aveiro unit), the event will be an excellent opportunity to acquire new knowledge and exchange ideas on state‐of‐the‐art research and the latest advancements regarding magnetic oxides and related subjects. The topics to address will be:

A. Theory and modelling

B. Single crystals, thin films, nanoparticles, 2D and hybrid systems – growth and structure, doping

C. Perovskites and double perovskites, diluted magnetic oxides, other functional materials

D. Composites, heterostructures and interfaces

E. Novel characterization techniques and equipment

F. Magnetic resonance, including imaging

G. Nanofluids, biomedical applications

H. Devices

I. New trends and applications in magnetocalorics, photocatalysis, magnonics, multiferroics

Authors that present their work at IWAMO 2021 will be invited to contribute with an original paper or feature article (after double reviewing) in a special issue/topical section in physica status solidi (b) (Wiley-VCH).


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